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We're different from other video and media production companies. We specialize not only in media services, but also bringing you entertainment of all kinds. As for our services, unlike many sites, we customize your videos to your exact specifications, no less. And if you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right.

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We are MSM Motion Pictures, a video production company bringing video service to the United States and entertainment to the world.



We bring you all types of services and various types of original content to boot. From home video to post production, from skits to short films.

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We strive for nothing less than video perfection. We stand by our motto, "Video, The Way It Was Meant To Be," in all that we do and create.


Portal: Origins

Portal: Origins


Welcome, Mr. Joplin, to Aperture Science.

‘Portal: Origins’ is a live-action, fan made crossover short film series combining the video game universes of ‘Portal’ (Valve) and ‘Dishonored’ (Bethesda/Arkane Studios). Following the story of Piero Joplin through a project entitled "The Door to nowhere" and the creation of the first portal device, [part 2] continues the saga as Piero finds himself pulled into the dark history of Aperture Science.

Following the death of his test subject, Christopher, Piero Joplin relocates to the mid-west Americas to continue his work in peace. Still haunted by the past and the presence of the being known as The Outsider, Piero puts himself in cryogenic sleep, only to be awoken in the facilities of Aperture science almost a half century later.

In an unfamiliar place and instructed to continue his work on portal technology by the mysterious Cave Johnson, Piero discovers that the dark side of his work barely compared to the dark corners of Aperture Science and how far Cave will go to get what he wants. 



Before Chell, before GLaDOS, before Aperture, there was the Door to Nowhere

"Portal" (Valve) has become one of the most popular games of this generation, and with that, it has gained an enormous following, some claiming to know everything about this Portal universe. But what if everything about Portal started much sooner in a much different time and place? That is what we expanded upon with "Portal: Origins."

The story is based upon a fan fiction written by Michael McMullan and Zakk Martin, following one of the main characters of "Dishonored," Piero Joplin. In the game, Piero is working on a project code-named the "Door to Nowhere," an easter egg pointing to "Portal." This easter egg was even confirmed by one of the developers of "Dishonored" as an homage to "Portal."

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Just Run.

Intent on gaining new grounds in her career, a young, aspiring model finds herself in the middle of an international human trafficking scheme. 

Created in just under 48 hours as a part of the 2015 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project, 'Hangar' is MSM Motion Pictures' fastest made film to date. Retaining the quality we stand by for our productions, 'Hangar' brings about the strong story of Natalie as she finds herself struggling to stay alive, held captive and ready to be sold off from an old airfield's hangar. 

Though much smaller in scale than our previous films, we're hoping to have the project out in the next month to show to the public as a testament to what can be done by incredibly driven filmmakers in a very short amount of time.

Keep track of 'Hangar's' progress on our Facebook.




Trevor and Nicholas


One Life, for all of creation

How far will someone go to save those he loves? Are those people worth the danger others can be put in? The collateral damage?

Timeline is a live-action short film that tells a story of blind exploration into the unknown and the dangers that can occur when the repercussions are taken lightly.

Our story follows a young Captain named Nicholas Wyn in the late twenty first century’s military as he uses the technology of time travel to go back in time to save his wife, ignoring his morality to do so, but his use of the device causes the degradation of his timeline, leading to the total destruction of all creation.

This is our third fully funded short film, and we want it to be our best. Take a look at our Facebook page and the page dedicated to Timeline for more information and to keep up to date on the production.



With over a year of effort and care under the theoretical belt of this story, Timeline is the pinnacle of our work. With time itself opposing our main character, he does everything in his power to fight against the set rules and concrete regulations his timeline has set on him.



This is our largest project to date, and, like our previous featured projects, we received our funding via Kickstarter. We are extremely confident in this project, and, as always, we are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work with the Kickstarter community once again.



Timeline was entered into many film festivals, and we were proud enough to be a part of 12 of the ones we submitted to all across the world. From Australia to Italy, Timeline has reached further than we originally thought possible. Excited to see it? Watch the final product below.

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Fight or Flight?

Austin, driven to the edge, finds just how far one will go when put into moments of desperation.

His attempt to (harmlessly) rob a liquor store turns south when he murders the store clerk through his dark impulses. Now a fugitive, Austin flees the law, causing him to run into and murder two campers in a local campground. As he continues to run for his life, he finds himself dwelling even further into his own inner darkness.

After running through the film festival circuit and on the one year mark for our previous short film, Portal: Origins, we are excited to bring you our latest release: Impulse.

Funded through kickstarter and made in a very short time with a very small budget, this film was cranked out with the help of some amazing film students and young talent.